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Your business card looks very delicious packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Your business card looks very delicious in the workplace, when you receive someone give your business card will have a look at carefully, if the card is featured also will make a little compliment, and today the seaweed business card, if you received a hand, you might say: 'this kind of card it looks delicious! 'Yes, don't doubt your eyes, today's leading role is the seaweed business card! Seaweed business card in order to help the Japanese city saga local awareness, creative agency Geometry Global to local abundant seaweed as kanban, for the local mayor, artists and famous people in the field of tourism and fisheries produced 5000 copies can eat card. The seaweed business card in addition to basic personal information above, aside and use the latest in laser technology carved pattern with local characteristics, ask, see so meticulous seaweed business CARDS, are you willing to eat? In terms of the past, we always don't think business card from the printing, and packing as a professional manufacturer, has been in dealing with a lot of clothing tag, business CARDS, etc, you often on the material cost, but in the end did not escape the paper category, but now appears such a seaweed business card, a card world a big surprise!
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