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Young people to follow what is food packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Young people to follow the food packaging are what we eat and the way of eating is changing. Our traditional meals eating habits still exist, but young we on food packaging requirements are also higher. To some extent, many 'professional health food store' bring us is not perfect 'natural' products. But with the increase of allergies and adverse symptoms, has taken a special health food supermarket channel. Dicosta food packaging box young people are in a greater social conscience make their own choices, which means that the brand and packaging needs in a way that is a moral and a transparent, tells the story of the 'seed to product'. They want to clean, simple sentence, they are eager to real, identifiable components. They are looking for pure and true. They want the natural and natural, designers need to find can take them to the environment and the feeling of color, texture and shape. Song emperor brahman Godiva heart-shaped food packaging simple and clear hierarchy: captures the essence of simplicity, this is very important, complex crowded image packaging design often can let a person feel confused. Short sentences, simple expression, busy life and many distractions are not allowed, uninhibited poetry prose or confusing content, we are anxious to clearly express the meaning of the phrase. Colorful color can move more than one color: the younger generation and they are bright color products more able to attract people's attention, show the lively, positive and uplifting.
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