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You know, in fact, a large bag of another name is' Tote bags 】 - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
You know, in fact, a large bag of another name is' Tote bags 】 Literal translation is Tote bags Tote Bag, Tote from Africa 'Tuta', the word meaning 'To Carry' ( Carry) 。 Tote bags that big bag or shopping bag. Canvas fabric handle, large capacity, shape, founder arch is the most classical design tote bags. Fashion, of course, the wheel has been rolled forward, now the tote bags on the material, shape, the hardware is multifarious, but no matter how, tote bags are still required package is indispensable to life. Tote bags, in short, tote bags is young and kill, men and women to work shopping travel bag. It naturally bring aesthetic feeling lazy, where no matter what you wear, tote bags on the belt, and immediately send out atmosphere and recreational temperament, is that you have! Tote bags tote bags is not designed for specific things in the bag bag, its contracted modelling can match almost any type of clothing, is don't need to think about to carry out bags of the street. One of the most European and American movie star stone sister, is the joker of the tote bags, it is both practical and heart, easy to match again at the same time hold the whole world. Canvas bag packing bag factory original design were recommended for everybody today a tote bags, you may prefer to call it a canvas bag, this tote bag is simple in structure, canvas material, properly used and well maintenance, use several years no problem completely. Is filled with so much stuff bag is not big, is a must-have in good pack to force.
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