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You can think about the clothes are in the creative packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
You can think about the clothes are in the creative packaging after packing to introduce you to the lunch box of T-shirt, from packing to design, minimalist wind restoring ancient ways, full of nostalgic flavour. Also introduced cans of socks, Christmas period, to those who love a surprise. Actually about clothing creative packaging can be far more than these, today small make up for everyone to count the classic fashion creative packaging. In a tea cup T-shirt milk tea in the cup filled with T-shirt couldn't think of it? Ordinary milk tea cup can also be transformed into a T-shirt packing cup. Cup on the color of the LOGO is just corresponding to the color of the T-shirt, cup of pure white background, minimalist clothes line also let whole cup looks pretend bility. Packing into popsicles T-shirt Popsicle T-shirt summer arrived, the most pleasant thing, but eat watermelon and ice stick. See packaged into popsicles T-shirt, is a cool and refreshing feeling face? This T-shirt packing also is very simple, fold it into a Popsicle shape first, and then use a poster put it wrapped, is full of amorous feelings of summer article plus a Popsicle, is completed. Is very simple? Type hollow out the doll baby clothing packing type hollow out the doll's baby clothes baby clothing of packaging on the market most of them are very dull boring, in fact as long as make a hollow out the doll shape, so the treasure mom suddenly can imagine the appearance of their baby wear it, really sprout and cure ~ packing as a professional garment enterprises, can do all kinds of clothing, clothing box bag for the consumer, if you have any good ideas, good ideas, welcome and we also share oh ~
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