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You can eat the plastic bag with full black technology - 'bag' packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Can eat plastic bags 'bag' is full of black science and technology in order to reduce the use of disposable tableware, an Indian uncle invented can eat spoon, in order to protect the environment, the uncle is fuck broken heart. Recently invented in India Qatar to environmental protection and can eat plastic bags. It seems that India is really a love everyone environmental country! Everyone has invented the environmental products with environmental protection as the theme. Can eat the plastic bag is not just India attaches great importance to environmental protection, every country in the world advocate environmental protection concept, the most typical is with or without plastic multi-purpose shopping less reusable canvas bag or cotton bag, but for the well-worn environmental protection bags are handled or someone for the first time to eat. Although had ever doubted the plastic bag can really eat, but seen Qatar I learned about the performance and the material of plastic bags, just believe it's really can eat. The environmental protection bags by cassava to eat, vegetable oil, banana, natural starch, corn, potato and spend the ingredients such as oil, even the pattern of a printing ink is also above 100% organic material, soak into the water for a while can melt.
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