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Wrappu gift - your personal gift packaging problems packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Wrappu gift box to solve your personal gift packing problem to buy a fitting gift didn't match the packing is really a great pity, although say so exaggerated, but for you to choose a suitable gift packing box is a little difficult. In order to solve the problem of personal gift packaging, stylist Micha Kumpf and Njaire Wex designed the product. Wrappu in Micha Kumpf and Njaire Wex both designers from Munich, Germany, the inside of the outer packing should be as special gifts. They with one day after the bank can see packaging for inspiration, founded called Wrappu brand of gift box. According to the size of the gift, they designed the four different formative carton, color also have four style optional. Wrappu carton itself used a flat design, as long as slightly fold when assembling. Each carton is five posted paper, in addition to packaging, also can leave a message on the blank sticker. Wrappu whether you are buying a hat, socks, wine, books or other forms of gifts, as long as you buy the shape of the corresponding box after their fold according to the specification can have a perfect packaging. But if you want to customize a lot can find packaging box, gift box, after all, the custom, we are a professional.
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