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Wrap the fruit as a candy, a big Bob going to cry - candy company packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Wrap the fruit as a candy, a big wave candy company going to cry for children, food is candy to make them happy. Fruit is different, many children see fruit is resistance. Parents for their children to eat fruit often headache problem. A German Scholz creative company & amp; Inspired by Friends, thought of a way - beautiful and flattering Put the fruit into candy packing. They in the children love to eat candy, for inspiration, for fruit independent 'wrappers' packaging is designed. Packaged into these 'wrappers' candy fruit color and design and package the fruits of one to one correspondence, such as orange is an orange on the wrapping paper packaging design, turn the screw on both sides, after folding every individual packaged fruits like a magnified version of the candy. Imitation of candy packaging fruit fruit, both sides also marked on the back of nutrients. The Fried of fruit packaging, should be the most happy is the treasure to mom. No more trouble for children to eat fruit. But on the other side candy company may want to cry. And these 'wrappers' can be biodegradable, no environmental pollution formed. As a professional gift box packaging customization enterprise, food packaging is one of our product categories, such as dessert cures the packing, if you have a good food ideas, welcome to share with us!
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