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Worth billions of dollars minute maid chun extraction new packaging and the enchanting bitch okay - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Worth billions of dollars minute maid chun extraction new packing like those enchanting bitch not according to the '2016 best global brands', Coca-Cola continue to remain strong in 2016, with $73. 1 billion of brand value for the fourth consecutive years ranked third in the world, is the number one cause of fast moving consumer goods brand. The minute maid is one of the fastest growing brands, according to estimate the value of minute maid has more than 1 billion dollars. In 2016, minute maid to cater to more and more people's new pursuit for people's health, launched a high concentration of low sugar juice - — 'Chun extraction'. Chun extraction, orange packaging in packaging design has a 'golden 3 seconds' theory, which should be in both product positioning and emotional communication products to enter the consumer field of vision to accomplish the transmission of information within three seconds. Minute maid remember this theory, on the packaging design of minute maid chun extraction, using the large area of pure color aggrandizement visual cognition on colour and let consumers can in the shortest possible time quickly identify chun extraction, orange and chun extraction, twist the taste of the two models, and matchs with concise and vivid illustrations to show the chun extraction of natural products and nutritional function. Chun, extraction twist packaging on the market, most realistic fruit juice adopt image, it is due to overuse, cause the visual fatigue and reduces the customer's trust. And 'chun extraction' lovely and direct visual performance in stark differences with other products, also highlighted the high-end positioning of the brand. By minute maid chun extraction packing design case, also we do custom packaging enterprise, a product if you want to build a strong brand influence, not only on the quality of excellence, to seize the consumer's eyeball, quickly on the packaging and common goods to distance.
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