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Wooden box to see much, but is the first time - wooden bag packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Wooden box to see much, but is the first time the wooden box wood bag style is varied, contracted, luxury has everything, and even choose the wrong thing story tells us: the box look up is deadly, let a person can't even look pearl eyes! But small make up to you today is made of a wooden package, also can saying is wood packaging! Wood packaging is that we want to say today a wood package, this package is derived from the designer Young Jin Jang a series: ROOMFORTHEMAN. Like series name, the wooden package is designed special gentleman, when pick up feeling like a briefcase, but its inherent but see a new world! Wood packaging structure opened, it is like a little? Can put a wallet, card sets, can even let go of a tablet, feeling is considered all requirements of men, this is exclusive custom charm. 'My design is influenced by the wooden architecture design in Asia. Mortise and tenon joint structure, each component to dovetail mortise and tenon joint between nodes, this design is to allow construction to balance. I am in South Korea to visit nanshan hanok village, discovered the clever design. 'Young Jin Jang said,' I design series consisted of a series of products, but they are not independent, they can be used separately, at the same time also can merge together. Take the I don't want to make some publicity, can help people to show off, I want to design the product to be practical and meaningful. 'Although designers focus on practical point, but we have to admit that this product both from the perspective of practical and aesthetic, is impeccable! So, may you always stay in the field of packaging wooden packaging, actually otherwise, maybe one day you will see some shopping after carrying a wooden bag came out!
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