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Women-only chop hand section for carton prices - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Women-only chop hand section for carton prices to see title clever friends must know today's topic is international women's day, yes, a nice holiday, how will affect the carton price? When it comes to the culprit, could we refer to a person - — Mr. Ma! Yes! The carton prices, it is because the electricity. Because Mr. Ma opened the electric dealer market of China, has developed a variety of double tenth one, girl day and so on to attract people to buy, buy big festival, it's not, women's day came again, this suddenly electricity upsurge again! Carton national postal statistics show that in 2016 China's express delivery business break through 30 billion, otherwise, according to electric dealer market using corrugated carton is about 99 a year. 2. 2 billion. It is thought that if a rise in carton 1 yuan level will cause billions. Cartons 'crazy' is a chain reaction in the whole industry chain. Statistics show that from January last year to January, the national paper rose by an average of 66. Rose by an average of 64 58%, in the paper. 69%, the paper gains in 50% ~ 78%. Printed cartons according to China, according to data in corrugated paper, for example, from the regional analysis, gains from high to low in turn is 81% 85% central China, north China, northwest, east China, southwest 68% 75% 79%. Quotation price change is constantly changing, morning and afternoon will be different, really is a point of time, a points price! In the face of such situation, end buyers complained bitterly, and as a packaging carton manufacturer want to say that we actually same also, orders and may want to accomplish these will have to work overtime, they concluded that employee's overtime pay, this loop, estimated to wait after the day price to slow back!
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