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Wine can also grow old - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Wine packaging can also grow old, the IF design award gold medal came out in Germany, for packaging, one of the most let's focus on should belong to will grow old bottle! Hear will grow old are you surprised? Let's see! Will grow old bottle that is this wine bottles, and the state of the three bottles of wine from left to right is more and more old a state! So what makes this wine bottle produce change? Designer to display date and time for wine ZhenGuiXing, will this batch of after three years of bottle of wine in a specially designed copper. When the longer, not only get alcohol in a bottle, the bottle of the surface of the copper will gradually produce a beautiful patina. After the wine to drink, be full of decorative pattern of the bottle will also be able to become a household decorative furnishing articles. As a work of art is felt very magical? Using copper as a wine packaging, also is a kind of innovation, in the current era of glass bottles, buckets flood, the idea is really good. But copper as a metal material, the price is not low, is to find worthy of wine to put only on! For packaging enterprise, it can be used as a way of thinking, try different capable person, perhaps can also create a fresh products!
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