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Will be flowering tree name is 'Spring Festival' packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Will be flowering tree name is 'spring' in 2017 milan design week & amp; Furniture show, will have a flowering tree constant attention. This tree is a fashion brand COS and London studio cooperate masty swyn launched an interactive device. Flowering tree which trees and other trees, the difference is that it consists of the recycling of aluminum, its branches will continue to appear white balloon flower, the flower met fabric bounce off, if it is exposed to a person's skin, will be broken away in the air. Maybe you have no way to see this scene, but in the mind think, is there a fairy feeling! Touching the skin broken flowers in the tree's design inspiration comes from the Japanese cherry blossoms, the fallen flowers like a tree branches wave under the cherry blossoms, there is a spring, cherry blossoms in the process of fall will produce different state changes, in that moment is very short and beautiful. 'New Year' is the name of the tree. The scrap aluminum through two times won the 'freshman' recycling. A lot of things in life we all need to do from the perspective of based on the 'new', canvas bags and other environmental protection bag, play an important role in the process, it is to be able to help a lot of things the tools of 'new'.
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