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Will add in taste and blessing 'fu lu shou' treasure box - more packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Will add in taste and blessing more treasure box 'fu lu shou' treasure box in ancient times by the dignitaries and even the emperor dotes on, can be said to be one of the most ancient of gift boxes. Inside box into much treasure box structure, increase the interest of more highlights the style of the product at the same time, reflects the passion for life, also will taste and blessings hidden in a box. 'Fu lu shou' treasure box 'fu lu shou' in Chinese traditional culture symbol, geely, longevity and happiness. People often think of fu and shou, lu together to express a kind of best wishes. As a professional packaging gift box manufacturers, the use of fu lu shou homophones 'bat' 'deer' 'peach' image design a set of much treasure box packaging can be used for multiple occasions. 'Bat' and homophones, in ancient times the bat has been used as auspicious patterns, a symbol of the 'blessing from heaven', hangs the bat also has the meaning of 'to'. Bats are hanging a symbol of the Renaissance, hangs on the tree branches symbolize happiness comes, buford '. 'Fu lu shou' treasure box more deer in the traditional culture has been the symbol of the good. Also good with 'lu' homonym, reason is also a symbol of wealth and good luck. Peach on behalf of longevity and health is a symbol of life. Peach, peach and mahogany, dudu closely penetration in the texture of the peach culture in China. Choose environmental protection pulp board packaging, can be recycled, which is the most mature, low cost of packaging materials, if you don't be thrown away sustainable use box, so the design of the 'treasure box' also can be used as a daily store content box.
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