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Why tea is commonly used white cotton paper and bamboo packaging? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Why tea is commonly used white cotton paper and bamboo packaging? In yunnan puer tea for special production process, are identified as the unique special tea, because it has the health functions and the characteristics of the jumps over Chen yue sweet, by the vast number of friends and tea. And tea packaging, use of yunnan endemic white cotton paper and bamboo, has always been the one big characteristic of puer tea. White cotton paper white cotton region of yunnan traditional household paper, paper making paper spread for thousands of years, papermaking, repeatedly to get the bark streams in the first cleaning, on the one hand is for descaling, on the one hand, also make the bark soft with suitable for papermaking. But in recent years, due to manual papermaking cost is higher and higher, many areas began to use paper making machine, also created a silver silk cotton paper, gold silk cotton paper, such as paper, white cotton paper paper presents is the biggest characteristic, white, light and flexible moistureproof sex is extremely strong. This characteristic also shows it is packaging tea. White cotton paper whiteness is pervious to light, makes it impossible to separate the tea packing. Bamboo yunnan local growers have long learned to use bamboo to packing tea in order to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp, the tea happened in transit by adverse conditions such as light, and the production cost of bamboo is close to zero. With the passage of time, the tea farmers have gradually realized the importance of seiko, to realize the importance of user experience, and in cleaning bamboo when coupled with the 'bamboo brush MAO' process, and also try to pick colour and lustre is uniform, regular shape of bamboo, to ensure that the tea and the appearance. Cotton paper and bamboo packing storage condition of puer tea, taste will be more strong alcohol, perhaps this is white cotton paper and bamboo and popular in use today. The two complement each other, be short of one cannot, as packing in each piece of high-grade goods can have a box with a bag, the two formed, make each product are simple sense is dye-in-the-wood.
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