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Why choose packing kraft paper - tea packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Why choose kraft paper, tea packaging now consumption level is higher and higher, but instead, some high-end brand, the way of doing things like some simple packaging. Kraft paper is becoming more and more get the favour of consumers in the market. Some time ago to travel when he left to go home with some tea to send relatives and friends, shopping for a few tea shop, this is to want to high-end tea should have high-end box, have never thought is: find this tea gift box and a rush of 'contracted wind' blowing, 30 yuan within the cartons instead of the past luxury packaging. Interesting tea tea packaging carrier bags here can't stopped at a store, shop assistant recommend the 300 yuan a catty of wuyi rock tea: 'this is our shop's main product, also the most suitable for family daily consumption, high cost performance. 'The reporter asked for tea to friends, assistant recommends several tea box, and said one 18 yuan leather box best-selling:' even if bought thousands of yuan of tea, we recommend this carton as well, although simple, but simple sense is not bad, for no bad feelings. 'White tea packaging leather suit these two years may be greatly on xi, to curb consumption action has much to do, such as the mass consumer channels, high-end basic necessities, luxury boxes have vanished, small make up this practice can also hope to continue to maintain.
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