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Why care so much about apple product packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Why care so much about product packaging apple apple what is behind the success? It is one of the top technology used in the electronic products? It is fashionable and elegant display of apple devices? Or elaborate product box? Apple's attention to detail is remarkable, is not only on the device, it's the same in product packaging, it put the iPhone parts in different compartments of unique way not only creative, but also innovative. If you are from the point of view of an independent, apple's design packaging can be summarized as one word: clean the following points may let us to question how apple packaging products to attract consumers have a more clear understanding: simple: apple's original packaging - White boxes, mobile phone cover pictures with the words and the iPhone, the side of the box with shiny aluminium sheet. No words, no description, which makes the equipment inside and brand has become a number of consumer groups. All the same: apple products packaging design are very similar - — Concise, beautiful, easy to use. This is a symbol of apple quality, attract customer loyalty, make them support more apple products. The packaging materials used for the pursuit of environmental protection: perhaps apple products is the most notable factor in its packaging. In order to reduce the effects of climate change, the company now is used in the manufacture of equipment and packaging more environmental protection material, it is a major shift for apple. Especially the iphone and the retail packaging cartons, mainly using the base material, including fiberboard with 90% recycled content. The box is efficient and recyclable materials. Other materials including cardboard, paper mould, polystyrene and other small plastic thermoforming. Apple in the latest version of the Nano and iPod touch in the use of biodegradable materials, which makes apple's environmental responsibility and a higher level. The new electronic product packaging paper involves the use of cassava, with the quality of the soluble. Apple's new EarPods outer-package of headphones can be dissolved in the water. Their detail for the details, for smooth seamless user experience clarity of vision, of the consistent quality and brand, and sincere efforts for a better world. Arguably, it is a very difficult decision. Now you understand why the apple products can achieve so many consumers to chase after hold in both hands!
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