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What material is used for the general cosmetics packaging box? The quality depends on the material

by:Well Packing & Printing     2021-03-31
What material is used for general cosmetic packaging boxes? In fact, many customers don't know that the quality of packaging often depends on the choice of materials. Even the same paper, different brands. After being produced later, the quality is not easy to sample. So if the customer's packaging quality feels there is a problem, then it is necessary to see if there is a problem with the material selection. A wholesale manufacturer of packaging boxes has actually produced packaging for ten years, has seen many packaging quality problems, and has also helped customers solve many problems. It is found that different craftsmanship needs to be matched with different brand materials for good quality. There was a customer who made packaging from another manufacturer and found that the paper was torn at the indentation after it was made. The manufacturer said there is no way to avoid it. Later, I found a wholesale box manufacturer on the Internet and talked about this phenomenon. The wholesale box manufacturer found that the customer was using single copper paper for reverse UV printing. This is indeed more valuable than single copper paper, but it is more prone to problems. Fortunately, the packaging box wholesalers have rich experience, so they use other brands of single copper paper to make samples for customers. The customer saw that there was no tearing phenomenon at the indentation, so he trusted the wholesaler of the packaging box very much, and placed an order soon. What material is used for general cosmetic packaging boxes? The premise of ensuring quality, to recommend materials for customers, choose a wholesale manufacturer of packaging boxes.
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