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What material is used for general cosmetics packaging boxes, professional manufacturers give the answer

by:Well Packing & Printing     2021-03-31
In general, what material is used for cosmetic packaging boxes, the packaging needs to have a sense of value, if the packaging value is not high, it may be because the material is selected incorrectly. Today, the wholesale manufacturer of packaging boxes will talk about what materials are used for packaging. 1. Common ordinary paper: single bond paper, double bond paper. Single copper paper is mostly used on single box, double copper is used on hardcover box because of its soft paper, and the table is formed on gray board. Single bond paper and double bond paper require glue after printing. 2. Common special papers: gold and silver cardboard, kraft paper, gold and silver cardboard itself is gold or silver, and the printing is easy to wipe off, so it is often carried out with reverse UV printing For matching, silver cardboard is recommended, because each batch of gold cardboard will have a different color. Kraft paper is divided into yellow leather and white leather. The customers of yellow leather packaging box wholesalers mostly use it to design retro packaging. White leather can be like single copper paper. The difference is that white leather does not require glue. 3. There are many rare special papers, such as star-colored paper and pearl paper. The star-colored paper has white and copper, etc., which are very high-end. Baixiang, the customer of the packaging box wholesaler, often uses star-colored paper for packaging. Pearlescent paper is the paper with a pearlescent effect. Wuhan Aijiao Company has a hardcover box that is made by a wholesale manufacturer of packaging boxes with pearlescent paper. 4. Other special papers, these can be customer needs, packaging box wholesalers provide paper samples for customers to choose. Generally, what material is used for cosmetic packaging boxes and choosing a wholesale manufacturer of packaging boxes is the beginning of choosing value packaging.
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