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What is the UV craft, common UV technology is what kind of - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
What is the UV craft, common UV technology is what life is really have a lot of all kinds of packing box, says there is a process is needed to explore, a layer of bright glossy surface, have qualitative feeling looks very puzzled by a charge for the small hin. Later heard that is UV craft, wow, good name on the tall. Packaging & # 8211; UV process what is UV process: traditional printing industry is refers to the UV printing quality effect craft, is what you want on a printed pattern is wrapped in a layer of light oil (above With light, matte, crystal panels, golden onion powder, etc. ) Brightness and artistic effect, mainly is to increase products, surface protection products, its high hardness and corrosion resistance of friction, not easy to scratch and so on, at this stage some compound membrane products now instead of UV, can meet the environmental requirements, but the difficult adhesive, UV products some can only be addressed by local UV or polishing. Biotherm Biotherm, food UV printing has colorful compared with the traditional offset printing, printing materials, special product novel, the wide prospect of market and other characteristics, the fine packing is suitable for high-end business CARDS. Said another convenient UV printing is a high reliability of the process. The UV printing ink can be considered to be in conformity with the environmental protection, because they do not produce volatile organic compounds ( VOC) Solvent evaporation. So being used by a large number of brand product packaging, food packaging often used some special material. Metal and aluminum paper, cardboard, composite paper and the polishing processing card, more and more widely applied in the field of food packaging, shows a steady growth momentum.
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