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What is the difference between first-line brand shoe box packaging and ordinary shoe box packaging?

by:Well Packing & Printing     2021-03-31
1. Good selection of materials, more refined surface craftsmanship

The cost of selecting materials for first-line brand shoebox packaging is higher than that of ordinary shoeboxes. Since the selling price of general brands is within a certain price range, the cost is limited. In the selection of materials, designated materials are generally not used, and are usually made of common types and raw materials that ensure the quality and price are within a controllable range. Although the first-line brand merchants are small in quantity, they prefer to find large-scale manufacturers to designate special-quality paper production in the long-term strategic cooperation. Pay more attention to quality manifestation.

In terms of surface craftsmanship, ordinary brands need to be updated more frequently in the market due to young people's needs, and for design and production, the replacement of new and old ones is rapid. Therefore, the choice of surface crafts is updated more frequently. The relative quality of the finished product has yet to be studied. As far as first-line brands are concerned, a long-term brand logo and an impressive creation can be highly recognized by customers, so the design pays more attention to the effect and quality. First-line brand shoe boxes are more gift boxes or some special packaging boxes. Common brands are generally traditional open-lid shoe boxes. The difference in grade can be seen here.

2. Stronger and more prominent internal protection measures

For products with higher prices, the product protection measures are also in place, because this packaging cost is not worth mentioning for the damage and loss of a product. As we said, it is impossible to lose big because of small. For ordinary brand shoe box packaging products, although the packaging cost is not small, the overall cost may be less than 1/3 of the first-line brand. For example, the packaging of some well-known brand shoe boxes, some will add some paper holders to fix it, but ordinary brands may not. The water-proof, mildew-proof and quality-preserving part can also be seen from the difference between the two grades of brands.

3. Brand design has a more high-quality image

The quality of the first-line brands we are talking about is not only high in price, but also has a certain brand effect. First-line brands are not only excellent in product design, but also in the promotion and promotion of brand packaging. Therefore, although there are similar parts in the shoe box packaging, the overall brand design has a sensory experience that gives customers a sense of inheritance and continuous development. However, in ordinary brands, there may only be one or two product packaging. The other ordinary goods are of high-grade packaging. What's more, the packaging of shoes of the same grade is very different, which makes people feel that they are products of two different manufacturers. From this point, this can explain the problem.

Packaging wholesalers provide all kinds of brand shoe box packaging, and provide first-line brand shoe box customization services. According to the product positioning of the shoes, we recommend the details required for shoe box customization such as different box-shaped materials and craftsmanship. Each of our customers can provide different design reference schemes, and different brand design elements are different. Therefore, our designers will analyze your product positioning and the needs of the market population. Please provide sufficient detailed product description materials and we will provide you with Provide exclusive design packaging. I believe in packaging wholesalers. I believe that good packaging equals good sales. Packaging wholesalers help your business grow.
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