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What is stereo bronzing process - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Stereo bronzing process is what kind of packing box, there are many kinds of paper bags on the process, we only want to say is stereo bronzing. What is stereo bronzing, just as its name implies is the bump is what we normally call + hot stamping a combination of a product, where hot stamping to stereo AoTuGan, use hot stamping effect more upscale, more obvious. Because of stereo bronzing is a combination of hot stamping and concave-convex embossing technology, form product effect is embossed with three-dimensional design, can't again on the printing, so must use first hot after printing process, at the same time because of its high precision and high quality requirements, is not suitable for the cold seal technology, and is suitable for hot stamping technology. BURBERRY BURBERRY clothing bag because of the complexity of stereo bronzing on due process, using more on high-end gift box, such as high-end clothing bag, food packaging box some more packing box with high added value. Hot stamping logo details using the face of the paper box after stereo bronzing, is generally not directly glue, because after adhesive pressure of concave and convex effect after gluing roller pressure is the flat, so after the stereo bronzing, it is best to do it again on the back of the stereo bronzing UV craft, put the glossy paper back out to fill and level up, so that after gluing roller is not put the concave and convex to flatten. Such a specific can direct messages small hin oh.
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