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What is craft and craft characteristics and advantages of - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
What is craft and craft characteristics and advantages of kraft paper, as a kind of typical packing paper, we are familiar with, but with small make up today is to introduce a kind of kraft paper, paper there - — Craft paper, cattle paperboard is also a kind of commonly used packing paper, widely used in handbags, packaging production. Craft paper introduces begin with the definition of cattle paperboard. What is a cattle paperboard paperboard is a gram weight between the kraft paper and cardboard paper. Generally for brown, sort is more, can be divided into ordinary cattle paperboard, single cattle paperboard, etc. , are used in electronics, food packaging and other packing paper. The classification of pure wood pulp cattle paperboard paperboard cattle paperboard has a variety of products, can be divided into ordinary cattle paperboard, coated paper, liner cattle paperboard, single craft paper, cattle paperboard. How to distinguish the stand or fall of craft paper gram weight, specification, thickness and tightness, burst, burst index, the moisture is the important indicators of craft paper. In our country in the production of packaging products, has a relatively good packaging materials, there is also a general packaging materials, and also there will be a high-end products, according to the degree of thickness, weight and whether after the special craft processing, will be able to distinguish different types of paper. Craft paper bag in the first place, can be performed from including the percentage of pure wood pulp quality, the quality of the products abroad is quite pass, because wood pulp content is guaranteed, but in the domestic market the ox paperboard, amounted to less than 70% of the average level of wood pulp abroad. Next, want to see the weight of the product, the same as the advertising paper, the choice of this paper is carried out in accordance with the weight, from 200 g to 450 g products all have, 450 g product is recognized in the world. Again, in the case of a certain thickness, weight, the more high quality craft is the high quality products, in the process of selection, choose the same thickness and weight of the weight of the product, the best way is to guarantee the quality. At the same time can also be used for printing product requirements. Cattle paperboard because the material is hard, has good resistance to break, generally for printing packing, common applications include box, gift box, mobile phone boxes, etc. , in the industrial packaging paper Angle protector is essential of many cattle paperboard, kraft paper compound then through bead machine shape suppression.
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