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What is around the packing? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
What is around the packing? If you have seen China central television (CCTV) at the time of the Spring Festival, you must have see a about 'cover' ads appear on the TV screen, in this 4 minutes of public service ads we saw 7 'cover', let's take a look at first, then cut into our theme today! The whole video contains seven 'cover', encase with dumplings, the happy, packaging hemp ball around the heart, handmade clothes around the warm, razor encase the exquisite, the right hand cover the left hand wrap the traditional New Year, lantern encase the reunion, a red envelope around the year is love. Encase, encase love just four minutes, brought us so much warmth, because every cover is feelings. At that time, small make up can not help but want to ask yourself, what encase the packing? As the second short stories, and traditional packaging encase the hemp ball, but is for us. That is what we do each packing his encase are not just a product. Each time to pack it covered the designer's ideas, producers sweat, shippers, and these just in order to send this package to the guest's hand, let this one package can cover the enterprise brand, the enterprise's feelings, the enterprise culture. Sometimes life is very simple, but becomes rich and colorful, after the injection feelings as a handbag factory is equally, if just design manufacturing mindless work, then made just a bag, but after the rich emotional and sweat, we see is a beautiful packaging.
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