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What is a digital printing, digital printing prospects - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
What is a digital printing, digital printing the prospect of a printing of the cloth bag approach is mainly reflected in the digital printing will be offset printing, screen printing and flexo between; Network of the laser printer will challenge the copier, copier challenge digital printing, offset printing, digital printing challenge and inkjet will challenge all; The quality of the digital printing will no longer be a problem, but its production capacity, reliability and size problem will still need to be further; Offset printing is improving, and provide more economical and competitive products, but its market will continue to be digital printing eroded; Digital printing will affect all aspects of the printing industry, will be in the art, packaging, label printing, textiles, is widely used on books, advertising and other printed matter. White cotton clothing bag bag with the change of the mass consumption, the demand of the print also gradually development, printing business has been the pursuit of large quantities of small cost to small batch, many varieties, such as personalized pointed in the direction of development. In China, where labor costs are on the increase, compared with traditional printing, need artificial less digital printing in the artificial cost has a lot of savings. Part of the traditional printing business is digital transfer printing. Network character printing after years of development, has been more mature, also promote the development of the digital printing. Design for digital printing, color is clear, washing fastness is high on the whole, our country at present in the application domain of the digital printing, except by quick print on-demand publishing, image printing, personalized direct mail printing, large enterprises to service, etc. , become the new opportunity for digital printing. Design of digital printing cotton canvas bag bag is very popular in the market.
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