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What are several common design of gift box - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Several common design of gift box is busy, what are the recent small hin early want to clean up the design of the box, take time today simple sums up the common several kinds of style of gift box. Heaven and earth cover packaging is one of the most common, is also the most simple and easy style. Simple to open the lid can see built-in boutique gifts can be removed directly. Are generally used in the clothing gift packaging. It is characterized by smooth appearance, generally with a stiff paper packaging, gift box on the surface is smooth, no extra crease and decoration. This kind of packing way due to outside too abstract, general and box lined with. TADASHI SHOJI packing folding clothing, style is compared commonly simple, usually with a punchline bowknot accessories, packaging gift given more for clothing. Folding structure, convenient for transportation and storage, can save a lot of transportation cost and the occupied space. In the preservation and protection more easily. HEMISPHERE box draw-out type packaging are introduced finally. Draw-out type packaging as the name suggests, like the drawer, more mysterious. Common in upscale boutique gifts and small adorn article. The effect of making compared commonly have administrative levels feeling, high value for collection. Yuan jubilee hin crafts box packing box structure generally above a few more common. Of course, in addition to this can grace for the box and the adornment of the box. For example on gift box tied ribbons, ribbon can also make it small or other shapes. Some high-grade packaging even with more advanced materials for ornament or gift boxes for printing processing as a whole.
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