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Waste concrete can do the lamp, but also quite - environmental protection packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Waste concrete can do the lamp, but also a concrete and waste paper can do light environmental protection, hear things like this are you a big surprise. Concrete is something, that is used to build a house, floor of the building materials, rough hard and ugly, how can be used to do the lamps and lanterns. DOME + industrial designer Rita Koralevics for famous brand Paper Up design artifacts in Hungary DOME + the novelty lamps and lanterns is made of concrete and waste Paper. If you are a staunch environmentalist and especially like cement that rough simple texture, it must be like the chimney of the lamps and lanterns DOME DOME + + material using 100% recycled paper and a mix of concrete, and the handle of droplight with bamboo materials, several kinds of material combination collocation are together look simple sense is very charming. Overall modelling is like in the studio that stand on the ground still lamp modelling, especially the modelling of the head is very similar, we also can adjust lighting through the rotation direction. The entire product there is a feeling of the original rough, it is the most important environmental protection and saving material, as a manufacturer of green canvas bag, are very concerned about environmental conservation, so appreciate this product.
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