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Want products selling well - packaging color very important packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Want to sell products well packaging color is important when we are shopping in the mall, brightly colored goods always attract our eyes quickly in the first time, because it is unique among many products, so the use of colors for the product packaging design has very important significance. The good use of color, the product will soon come to the fore. Let's take a look at. Clothing product packaging box design color techniques from the following points should be noticed: one is the color and packaging are care of relationship; 2 it is colour and colour the contrast relationship. These two points is a key in colour is applied. ( A) Color and color contrast color and color contrast relationship, this is most easily in a lot of commodity packaging design performance is very difficult to grasp. Popular in Chinese calligraphy and painting, so a words, called tight, thin monkey, actually say is a relationship of contrast. Contrast contrast generally has the following aspects: the colour using depth contrast using the weight of the contrast color, the color use point to face than the use of the comparative color, the color of use and low contrast, color use contrast and so on. Food packaging ( 2) Color and packaging are look after the coordinate relationship of color and packaging, mainly through the external packaging colors can reveal or its inner packaging items. Make the person a see the outer packing can basically perception or associated with the inner packaging was. If you notice, most of the time we walk into the shop to look on the goods, of many goods and failed to reflect the care of relationship, so make consumers not to think about its excellent packaging items for what. There are, of course, on product sales play a positive role in promotion. Food packaging box as a professional custom package, insist on do design custom packaging services for the brand, years of experience in packaging can tell you a few normal external packing colors have in common: food packaging normal coloring the mass-tone attune of light yellow, pink to express this gives a person the sense with warm and close; Food packaging and more normal coloring mass-tone attune to rose, with the, light green, shallow blue, dark brown, is to highlight the twitters of sweet elegance; Clothing shoes and hats class how to is dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, in order to highlight composed the aesthetic feeling of elegance. Because of the color for the product packaging design with a special meaning, so packing for packaging product design special attention to the choice of the color, make the packing of the products are accord with the theme of the brand, to help promote the sales of the product.
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