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Victoria' S Secret brand introduction - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
维多利亚的 Victoria's Secret Secret brand introduced ( 维多利亚的 年代的秘密) Definition of sexy beauty already obvious, angel hair natural micro volume, like just wake up not wash and dress or just a perfect sex. Face natural coquetry, red Fei Fei face and misty eyes as just a kiss on the lips. D angel Victoria's secret ( 维多利亚的 年代的秘密) Well-known upscale clothing manufacturers Limited Brands group, part of the United States is sexy Victoria & # 8217; S synonymous with Secret, she is not only a national, is the world's underwear industry bibcock, she is elegant, warm, provocatively affects three billion female population of the world on the stretch 'inner aesthetics', but also in areas such as perfume, accessories, food make people can't resist the charm. In the United States, more than 1000 stores in sales by supermodel endorsement of Victoria & # 8217; S Secret sexy underwear. D angel Victoria's secret ( 维多利亚的 年代的秘密) Founded in the early 1970 s, since that day on, established the company's name has become the synonymous with glamour, romance, indulgence and lingerie, a day underwear sales of more than 600 pieces per minute. Grace, President Nichols Victoria & # 8217; S Secret described as 'a way of life businesses, namely the fashion business is that many customers part of life. We give customers is: charm, beauty, fashion, and a bit of romance. We know what fashion is most suitable for women's physical and emotional needs '. 维多利亚的 The design of the Secret team created an unprecedented record of success. It creatively introduced a new product line, such as 'the second skin satin' ( 第二皮肤光泽) , the main products made of cotton 'sexy body' and 'the perfect form' bra products especially popular, so the company plan to develop a new bra style. It is estimated that women under the age of 30, 50% of which used are the products of the company. 维多利亚的 S Secret every time new event peremptory has become without borders, a popular movement, not only is the woman want to see, men more love, once the hot sexy synchronise pictures appear on the website, immediately caused a global Internet big traffic jam. Spring fashion show held in New York in February each year, the supermodel rushed to appearance, the list can be seen in the chain directory, there are approximately 500 million customers in the world have such a directory. D angel now Victoria's secret ( 维多利亚的 年代的秘密) Range of products including lingerie, pajamas and all kinds of form a complete set of clothing, luxury shorts, perfume, food and books, etc. , is one of the world's most famous, sexy underwear brand. In 2002, she launched gems, $10 million worth of underwear is sensation in the world. D angel underwear is a woman's lover, the most intimate friends. It can maximum limit display charm and tenderness of a woman. A high-grade underwear is a woman that has grade dote on his first step. Packaging is the most delicate and noble woman. Would inspire the men around her to explore her heart. That has grade high-grade underwear boxes will be playing the curiosity of consumers and stopped to see what had happened.
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