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Vellum = environmental protection? Introduction to vellum ( On) - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Vellum = environmental protection? Introduction to vellum ( On) Leatherette paper, paper, soft touch feel cortex, surface abrasion resistant to fold, using environmentally friendly water-based ink, color and pattern. Different color, texture and luster, make the finished product of paper, or classic or elegant or fashion, the product is suitable for all kinds of gift boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry box, senior wine box, tea box, etc. Various kinds of high-grade packaging products. Vellum environmental protection and environmental protection, basically be to see coating on the surface of the vellum, because basic consists of three layers of vellum impregnation imitation leather bottom paper, resin coating, and color. Basically is to see coating that is environmental protection, there are two kinds of coatings on the market at present, one is water, another is oily, water-based for environmental protection. Other is not as green leatherette paper, at best leatherette paper, are not allowed to use in food packaging. According to the kinds of vellum material, can be roughly divided into: PVC leatherette paper, PU leatherette paper, original wood pulp dyeing leatherette paper, domestic vellum and other categories. Pvc leatherette paper Pvc leatherette paper is on the paper based on the complex Pvc ( Polyvinyl chloride) Membrane, the pressure on all kinds of imitation leather texture, the earliest production by South Korea, this product at first does in a heavier plastic smell, not environmental protection, not through the European Union countries REACH and ROSH environmental test, it's not environmental protection mainly concentrated in the smell and non-biodegradable, even also can be exported in developed countries, just need to pay tariffs on more weight than normal environmental protection products, developed countries who are commonly use the principle of the recycling, so would impose heavier taxes as a modulation. Pu leatherette paper Pu leatherette paper its characteristics and production process as well as PVC leatherette paper basic, just on the surface of the material is not PVC, replaced by Pu membrane materials, is a new product began to be popular in the past two years. The same is non-biodegradable products, so not in the true sense of environmental protection. As a professional custom box packing company, small make up next popular science will give everybody with other kinds of vellum, interested in packaging world friends continue to pay attention to oh!
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