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Valentine's day are you okay? - lied to the packaging packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Valentine's day is you also lied to the packaging, please speaking of valentine's day package, everybody is also a difficult state of mind, but there are always some friend is not available, use of packaging tactics played the fool valentine's day! Take a look at this Chanel Chanel lipstick lipstick, a gift for valentine's day is really very good, open the try the color with excited mood! What is this, that the 'lipstick' so special! Ferrero duck eggs valentine's day is the best gift of chocolate, this glittering ferrero, although not as good as song emperor brahman but also is pretty good, taste, must be full of is sweet! No! I guess the 'chocolate' may be salty! Valentine's day flowers, chocolate, and the next is to flowers, natural is the most romantic valentine's day flowers, but this bunch of flowers a bit, well, feeling very will live a bunch of flowers! 14 when flowers, 15 when food use, this logic is also out of rhythm! Finally, packing or to say, and the products will have certain compatibility, although packaging crossover idea is good, but if you can't understand you, may become a tragedy! You gamble!
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