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Use opportunely sack DIY small clear fresh air every day. . . packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Use opportunely sack DIY small clear fresh air assails the literary small pure and fresh and is arguably the most in the word, many girls all want to bring the warmth of home decoration art, in fact, as long as make good use of the humble sack, use opportunely sack DIY, small pure and fresh and rural wind came out immediately, follow the below small make up together and see it. Sack fleshy flowerpot sack DIY pot as long as the simple sack set on the flower pot, a bow with a rope and, after're done. If you want more tide, can use mark pen write English letters, then use polypropylene pigment dyes. Due to the linen natural toughness, moisture absorption, permeability is strong, grow green plant is a good helper. Does it feel like sack flowerpot + green plant, home immediately increase a style? Sack DIY type candlestick pick some abandoned open big stout glass bottle, according to the size of glass bottle, tailoring fine linen cloth, took sackcloth around, after the glue, then find a white gauze, than some linen narrow, use glue to stick on the linen cloth. Can according to individual be fond of post some white or flaxen hair moneys loops. A small and pure and fresh sack candlestick is ready. Linen wine bag, there are some linen wine bags on the market, the linen red wine bags can be directly used to actually put the dried flowers, lavender, hydrangea, delphinium, etc is a good choice. Sack can also be used to do the frame bottom, cut a piece of linen, to be less than the photo frame put photos, pictures immediately became more delicate innocence. If the sofa is plain coloured, linen can directly set on hold pillow, then sewed up. But at this time had better add some English letters or in gunny bag design, otherwise will be a little monotonous. Life is full of beauty, as long as good at discovering, discarded in the sack can also become the full of style is a good thing, use opportunely sack DIY, plus some good ideas, in the home can be a little more to thy neck, became warm of warmth.
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