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Under the map element used in the packaging may be - a popular trend packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Map elements used in the packaging may be the next popular trend in today's smartphones is so strong, people seldom use paper maps, out in our neighbouring Japan, soil geography institute in 2016 only sold 400000 copies of the map, you know, in the 80 s, they had sold 8 million copies. But, in map design popular this year, unexpectedly is understandable. Map of Japan folding fan in land and geographic court website and stores launched a folding fan, with a map pattern, which quickly sold out. Japan map publishing house of ZENRIN brands as early as in 2016 launched a stationery brand 'mati mati'. Interesting ZENRIN map design for 20-100 39-year-old women made a survey, 90% of respondents said 'if this place with their origin, will be interested in the map design', such as kumamoto bear kumamon fans may be printed with map is very interested in kumamoto, acu, days such as place names may has the unusual significance for them. There are 70% of people said 'interested in map design itself. ZENRIN kept high visibility of Tokyo marunouchi, tables, fukuoka, went up, kichijoji, and god made the folders, adhesive tape, notebook, such as stationery, around these color are very pleasing women like it. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, when the next research and development new products, may want to consider the map design as one of the candidate object, after all the survey ZENRIN is a good case in point.
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