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Under the 'cloud' candy of lego blocks - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Lego is under the 'cloud' candy blocks before wrote an article about Mexico that cloud will wine, today want to tell everyone about lego's 'cloud' candy. Candy YunLeGao to promote # LEGOBuildingAmazing project in Singapore, invited several children, they to 'a flying thing' as the proposition, lego bricks made out of what they want, children build cooperation rainbow cloud under the clouds of red bricks is falling candy. Lego design team, according to the children's ideas in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) external package with built-in LED cotton, make it look like a glowing cloud, manipulation of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight, will drop down color sequins and candy. Candy YunLeGao before more important European and American markets, but in order to reduce the in accordance with the lazy and began to develop Asia market. But asians have been more focused on children's academic performance, don't pay attention to the development of children's creativity and imagination. Lego has been to improve children's creativity in the play for the idea, this is going to break the Asian parents' prejudice 'play is a waste of time'. Lego this 'cloud' candy was the result of the children, as if is to use lego bricks to build his own world, the product packing box brand can also be customized, make what you want to show the style of the brand image.
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