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Two or three things - about bamboo cotton cloth bag packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
For two or three things about bamboo cotton cloth bag cotton bags may not be strange, but there is a price higher bamboo cotton bag, don't know you ever noticed in our daily life. Bamboo cotton ( The Japanese have called tianzhu cotton) As the name implies, is also a cotton cloth, is made of a novel weaving process. Drawnwork and pick yarn fabric surface have rules, there is a similar ribbed texture and texture. Feel like flax fabric, has the feeling of return to pastoral pristine condition. Sort is various, with coarse details of bamboo, a knot in bamboo bamboo bamboo, filament, staple fibre. Bamboo cotton texture bamboo cotton cotton cloth softer than normal, breathable moisture absorption performance is better, and green environmental protection, antibacterial antibacterial, is one of the excellent summer T-shirt preferred fabrics, but the price is higher than normal cotton fabric. Bamboo cotton cloth bag because of its special delicate touch and texture, handbag made feel very comfortable, have stereo feeling, but should not be made into strand pocket. Bamboo cotton T-shirt Logo on the bamboo cotton cloth bag manufacture craft and cotton cloth, silk screen printing, thermal transfer, embroidery, side woven label, etc. Like cotton bag, bamboo cotton bags in use process should pay attention to shrink and fade. If you are interested in bamboo cotton bags or related products, packaging as a professional handbag supplier, welcome to inquiry.
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