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Totem - chocolate packaging packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Totem chocolate packaging chocolate as a common food, it often has become different because of the different packaging, is one of the most typical should ferrero chocolate packaging, gold foil packaging design for product quality improvement is very obvious, so today the packing is to bring a particular totem of chocolate packaging! A chocolate packaging totem chocolate packaging, as the name implies, is the chocolate packaging design is similar to the totem. The totem is chocolate packaging Canadian graphic designer Vo Dang design concept of a chocolate packaging, its three dark chocolate is made up of different fruit mixed taste. In order to highlight the mix build wind, Dang will use raw materials such as cut, the geometry of the disassembled into small pieces and put them back together again into a similar pattern of totem. On the totem of a main characteristic is to design more square founder angular, and that such a design is special, and particularly outstanding. Actually in this era of the knowledge sharing, packaging materials, process has become not so strange, but the design is really a have a idea, never conflict. So learn to use design to packaging, packaging can produce better packaging products. If you have packaging customization requirements, packaging can provides the omni-directional service for you!
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