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Toothpaste packaging looks like, it's time for a change packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Toothpaste packaging looks like, it's time for a change of toothpaste as common commodities, are essential to life, but in the supermarket, he found the shelves of toothpaste looks the same, now toothpaste packaging corny, it's time for a change. In general, the packing of the toothpaste by inner and aluminum-plastic material hose outer packing paper of the cuboid, and on the color, design the composition of the inner and outer packing. The vast majority of toothpaste toothpaste packaging by the brand name and LOGO, its basic concept, product efficacy, product flavor, the main design and so on several major elements. At the same time, because toothpaste is basic across the display, so most toothpaste packaging left half is the brand name and LOGO, while the right part includes the main concept of toothpaste, efficacy, taste, and the main design, etc. In packing the collocation of color, green, blue, white, yellow, red, this a few kinds of color of arbitrary two to three kind of collocation is common. Toothpaste is different from skincare, make-up and other products more emphasize on people's modification effect, toothpaste more sense is a kind of commodity, is also must use every day, using the step also don't like a skincare, make-up and trival, so on the new, strange, special packaging, toothpaste did not like skin care products, make-up, 'high' by consumers. But, none of this means of toothpaste packaging similarity is reasonable. Obviously, since more and more brands in the product packaging and it can be seen that the toothpaste packing also need a new creativity. Packaging as a professional custom package want to say, stability of change is the absolute principle.
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