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Tokyo's ueno zoo a poster of good sprout! - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Tokyo's ueno zoo a poster of good sprout! Every spring, people always succumb to go on spring outing, but the sakura attractions is really crazy, than go to a zoo to see animals to get up. Asiatic black bears a year ueno zoo in Tokyo, Japan will shoot a set of graphic poster, the animals living profile on these posters, firmly grasp the line of sight of people, let a person five senses fully open, they not only bring the breath of spring, and the design inspiration of the hot air. Japan monkey ueno zoo posters this year's spring comes with cherry blossom rub disorderly hairy monkey, Japan has just opened his eyes wide to wake up from hibernation Asiatic black bears and the new long out of the deer antlers with thick Oriental cherry shrimp yi, and the monkey and the mouth of the Asiatic black bears also holds the cherry blossoms. Shrimp yi deer Japan spring is a suitable for the season of cherry blossoms, ueno zoo is actually a hidden sakura attractions, because each is more than 80 varieties of cherry trees in the zoo! So to some extent, the posters at the zoo in fact is the sakura posters, posters of the background color is full of the awaken of spring pink blue, pink orange, pink, viewpoint of animals, round, hairy ass, catch the lovely expression for another year, seems to be in the spring of the sudden visit a surprised look back, and as if to say 'sakura, don't you come? 'Zoo posters can do so of so lovely, the packaging as a professional bag factory, can also be the eruption of the animals on the handbag, lovely nifty fashion.
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