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To follow up - box security environmental protection problem packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Security environmental protection box to follow up the recent environmental problems prevailing small yan have to say. In recent years, printed matter, especially packaging products such as handbags, high-grade, many varieties, the development trend of box makes concave-convex embossing process popularization and improvement of plate making and concave-convex embossing equipment is gradually realize the semi-automatic, fully automated. In not optimistic way of printing, gradually to the flexo and digital printing will be highlighted. Using of these two kinds of printing inks are water-based ink, with little damage to the environment, the operation of the workers' personal injury, will not cause pollution to print, and conform to the development trend of the future of print - — Packaging printing and personalized printing, so in the future, flexo and digital printing will become the mainstream way, China's packaging security problem will be solved. Is also as after entering the WTO, China opened its doors to the popular print on the market now in our country, many substances content is overweight, it is potential threat to our consumer health. Exquisite packaging. The safety of the Chinese printing and packaging has been questioned abroad, a lot of printing products do not meet international standards. Benzene, lead the overweight restrict the prints of export trade in China. Therefore, in recent years, water-based printing ink to the ink transfer in our country, is defined by the international standard non-toxic water-based ink printing ink. But China's current production of water-based ink, poor stability, and low covering rate, color reproducibility is poor, make a lot of fine print can't get a good copy, although on safety in accordance with the standard, but an error on the printing requirement, in this regard, China's printing industry stretched, the horns of a dilemma. Water-based ink while abroad on quality can be guaranteed, but due to the price on the high side, is not suitable for some small printing industry production situation of our country. So those years series, printing enterprise in pursuit of profits, have to use gravure, traditional ink is used to guarantee the quality of printed matter. Packing outside the shipments to be accomplished both in quality and quantity, the more is to improve the environmental protection and the safety of the product itself. In leading the entire packaging industry at the same time, the real high-end products such as gift box design production integration.
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