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To count the take-away 'scheming Biao' - boxes packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Count the take-away boxes 'scheming Biao' take-out industry is becoming an extension of the catering industry of fierce competition, take-out packaging has also become another breach of the businesses compete. If still kept the original monotonous design of plastic box packing, the carton is even more expensive takeaway also gives a person the feeling, cheap, cheap to eat-in rendering of the feeling of the tall. Below small make up to introduce two takeout box full of design feeling. Printemps box type appearance, to see in the face of time, looks good, even if not very high-priced goods, also can let a person can't help but see two eyes. , we thought it was a flower brand packaging. Where is associate with take-out packaging, it has a name, called 'Printemps', in the French is the meaning of 'Paris in spring'. It is said that this is a restaurant with Barcelona is called Lateral design of plastic boxes, the color is given priority to with white, pink, green, made from plant map illustration, let a person instantly felt the thick nature breath. Samurai colorful box type not convenient Samurai song is Stockholm, Sweden, a Japanese restaurant, three design students invited to redesign a set of colorful visual image. 'No plastic packaging' as the core to build the plastic boxes by encapsulated with restaurant LOGO sticker, with two can lift the latch, can be stacked together, through a complimentary chopsticks box reserved holes can second handle, looks full of design feeling and practical and convenient. Packaging is a set design, development, production of packaging customization, we adhering to the originality, for building the perfect packaging artwork, if you have any packaging customization needs, please feel free to contact us!
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