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To commemorate the gay pride month Absolut create vodka bottles - rainbow packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
To commemorate the gay pride month make a rainbow Absolut vodka bottle have found that now we have been put up more and more, from the earliest after 8090, to the later two yuan, curtilage corruption concentration camps, as long as the call from any kind of social platform, each person's personal profile will show some tags: lesbian, gay, straight, bi, etc. , and the brand also see this, then followed by hot or target group, and make it at the time of purchase products at the same time can get self identity and reconfirm. Absolut vodka bottles rainbow as we all know, June each year is the LGBTQ community pride month, in order to try to do a marketing in June, Absolut ( Swedish vodka brand) With a group of writers, stylist fashion designers, artists, and cooperation, create a series of rainbow vodka bottles. Absolut vodka bottles each rainbow began with 'blank canvas', the classic bottle packaging outside decorated with iridescent triangle. Some artists choose to draw, while others use the knitwear, black fishnet materials such as fabric and colored cellophane and as its characteristic of art. Exclusive collection of 12 bottles will be conducted on Givergy auction, the equality of all proceeds will be used to support the British charity Stonewall. Of course, if we buy a bottle of this kind of packing, we would have been labeled as support LGBTQ community of people around you. Whatever, if you want to be in these new twist on the bottle packaging, may wish to contact the packing. Packaging is a professional packaging customization, wine boxes, packaging bags, etc. , welcome to consult us oh!
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