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To achieve cost savings - packing garments packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Clothing packaging how to achieve cost savings are tight state control in recent years, the environmental issues, push forward the saving of green environmental protection. Small hin honor than nursing in packing box, bag making, is taking a series of methods to control this problem. In order to control the environmental problem to a great extent, the small yan recently found that recently many garment paper bag on the market size is optional according to the size of its product specifications to work out the size of the bag, it will cause a lot of products in our paper bag manufacturers, production will be ignored when the size of paper bag when packing, thus cause some unnecessary waste in the whole process. So businesses after the design of a paper bag to put the size as far as possible close to the size of the product itself, avoid to cause unnecessary waste. TADASHI SHOJI clothing packaging series, clothing bags to how to choose the size, in order to have the effect of cost savings? First, we need to know what pack required for production of paper bag, bearing, if you need to bear significant bit of the choice of the kraft paper, bearing little choice of the white cardboard, coated paper. Each paper has different gram weight, we can choose appropriate gram weight, avoid the waste of gram weight is too big caused the cost. Handbag made eery process will inevitably cause a cost, we try to avoid when printed printing process of the higher costs, as far as possible choose monochrome printing and four-color printing, avoid the color printing, or you can print the company logo on the hot stamping, so simple and smart, and can achieve the purpose of cost savings at the same time. Cloth world clothing box so you want to order laptop bag, don't in order to save cost to coarsely manufacturers, we can from the production of materials and printing process to achieve the purpose of cost savings. Cost savings of green environmental protection to start from oneself, professional production of high-grade packaging clothing bag, packaging welcome your inquiry!
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