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Through the window of hermes can to the underwater world packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Through the window of hermes can enter the underwater world to some extent, and already luxury dubai this city two words with the same name. Hermes shopping center in dubai, luxury brand in order to show a greater degree of the uniqueness of its stores, the underwater world is used as a showcase. We can see from the picture, from a distance like they actually underwater world, the window approach seems to be found just such a structure, irregular black looks like at the bottom of the structure of the seabed, like covered with moss on the decoration and different sizes of prominent irregular coral rock, this coral stone is very realistic, like really put corallite moved to here. Placed around the coral rock surface or hermes products, perfume, scarf, tableware and other trinkets. Integral feeling is like the tide was on corallite shells. The realistic-looking underwater world window is not exist alone, at dior shopping center has an aquarium and a underwater zoo, hermes and they just photograph echo of the underwater world window, when pedestrians passing also could not help but go to the underwater world around! Have to say the design is really good trying! Hermes is not only this one undersea world window, it also has a fairy tale forest as the theme of the window! Visible hermes is more than just products do well, even is the window of having a unique style of packaging do! Packaging is never a simple thing, hermes window of craftsmanship and imagination can also be used on top of gift box.
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