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Through the bottom of the bag bag can divide this categories - adhesive structure packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Through this bag bonding structure at the bottom of the bag can be categories according to the paper bag at the bottom of the paste, bag structure, usually we put the bag into the envelope bag, gusset bag, hexagonal bottom bags and square bottom bag. Change a point of view, these types we can also be judged by any side. Kraft bubble envelopes envelope bag bag bag, is usually referred to in our without bottom side of the paper bag, two chip, not carrying, the envelope bag type transport will generally choose kraft paper, lined with bubble film, have the effect of shockproof cushioning. Gusset bag gusset bag gusset bag, means the side without bottom paper bag, paper bag shape similar to common white plastic bags in daily life, generally not carrying, smaller volume, often used in leisure food packaging. Hexagonal bottom paper bag end of hexagon hexagon six-sided bottom at the bottom of the bag means the structure of a paper bag, careful observation, hexagonal bottom bags are a bottom side, flat type, this kind of structure in the form of a paper bag is rare, however, non-woven bags, insulation bags many are using this kind of structure form. When folding, look from the front, the bottom of the paper bag down trapezoid shaped. Eight words at the end of the paper square bottom bag square bottom bag refers to is the most common bottom side of the paper bag, square bottom bag according to the bottom of the specific shape and can be divided into eight, split bottom and the bottom of the buckle. In the process of storage transportation, eight words at the end of the paper and the split at the end of the paper folding, bag will roll outward, paper surface will leave an impression, affect the paper bag is beautiful. And the buckle at the end of the paper folding, good to avoid the creasing. Bonding way through the bottom and carrier bags can be roughly divided into the categories. In daily life, can also be more interested in handbags friend observation. If you have this aspect demand, is looking for a packaging plant, Shanghai is also welcome to contact packaging, believe that won't let you down.
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