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Three little squirrels do good packing, hype - force is MAX packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Three squirrel do good packing, hype and MAX said to three squirrel packaging, we have already mentioned more than once or twice before. Nuts packaging innovation and design, and about hot packaging chip are loved by the public, because three squirrel knew is the electricity or the be fond of of people to cater to the Internet. It opened three squirrel stores, hype and MAX! Three squirrel offline store following the squirrel growing online sales, three squirrel also has begun his own offline store plan, this plan can let more people actually see, touch, feel the three little squirrels product quality and the originality of novel food packaging. But know the hype of three squirrel may far not content with the status quo, but, the way of doing things will give their record stores to smashed up, lost 2 million directly, why is this? ! Thing is: the three little squirrels suzhou shop although the first day of opening traffic reach tens of thousands of people, sales reached 200000 yuan, set up a new squirrel hurl food store record, but after chapter start a prairie fire went into the store, but anger means 'in the history of suzhou shop is three squirrel decorate system engineering' the worst! 'Personally, I have no way to imagine that such a bad quality of the shop was out in our three squirrel, most low-end plate, and low, the worst construction on the ground, and it offer don't fit! Start a prairie fire 'chapter saddened, and took a group of media to hit a shop! Everybody don't understand it, is a hype! Knowledge in marketing rules of three squirrel once again, the way of doing things by smashing shop to tell you that we are the most exquisite quality, our stuff is the best! Packaging actually wanted to say, each have a marketing method, success and failure, selected for their further direction to walk longer. Like hot before packing, praise or blame though, but still promoted effective sales, this is a success. So, smashing shop marketing success we don't know, but looking for a professional bag manufacturer to customize a high quality product packaging that must be a successful marketing link, the packing is you at that time the best choice!
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