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Three-dimensional hot - technology and development situation packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Three-dimensional perm technology and development situation what is stereo, don't know the thought is iron ion. Wry smile small hin, iron ion is a kind of hairstyle situation, three-dimensional ironing process is, however, hot stamping and concave-convex embossing technology with the combination of a kind of composite technology, is the use of corrosion or engraving technology will hot stamping and pressure bump graphic into a cavity die and cooperate with gravure and male mold letterpress, hot stamping and bump stamping technology in packaging carton or paper bags last to complete the process. Three-dimensional ironing process can not help but want to reveal the three-dimensional small hin hot process: (1) the first hot stamping is generally attached on the electrochemical aluminum foil by 4 ~ 5 layers of different materials commonly 2 temperature, pressure and velocity are the three main factors of hot stamping technology, only the relations between and among good control, to control the quality of hot stamping, stereo bronzing. Because of stereo bronzing is a complete hot stamping and concave-convex embossing, the requirement of temperature is higher, ordinary bronzing temperature as long as 70 ℃ ~ 90 ℃, while stereo bronzing at 150 ℃ or so to complete. If the temperature is too low is possible electrochemical aluminum melt adhesive layer and layer stripping is not fully, at the time of electrochemical aluminum foil cannot complete hot stamping, stamping not top or bottom. Deformation, while the temperature is too high there will be a paper to paste and the handwriting is not clear, even appear the phenomenon of electrochemical aluminum color, also may be due to the high temperature and make the hot plate to expand too much, not accurate and bottom die, stamping is undesirable. So the temperature control is the first of three main factors. BURBERRY BURBERRY clothing bags in recent years, as people the improvement of commodity packaging appearance style and quality requirements, printing and packaging technology has made great progress and post-press processing technology is made a vigorous development, new technology, new technology and a variety of technology combined with appear constantly, make the packaging print after hot stamping in the glossiness, stereo feeling, metal feeling, anti-counterfeiting performance has achieved good results, especially the more and more widely used stereo stamping technology, make the packaging of goods appears upscale elegant, gorgeous and rich individual character. Technology is becoming more and more exquisite, bag, packing box that is no problem with high-grade, each big stores can be found.
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