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This year's moon cake gift box - prices will rise packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
This year moon cake gift box prices could rise autumn begins just after, heat dissipation, and two months is one of the most value of the traditional festival in Chinese - — Mid-Autumn Festival But as a result of this paper costs continue to rise, this year's moon cake box prices are rising, is expected to be more expensive than the same period last year to 1 into even more. White cardboard, coated paper, offset paper has the varying degree rise, many buyers complain, even didn't spot buy paper. In the first half of the moon cake gift box has in the past, the double glue, bond had been price increases, including offset paper gains the most fierce, is expected to have a stable period. In the second half of the previously stable white paperboard, white board paper prices will have larger ascension, these paper prices directly affect the moon cake gift box prices. The moon cake gift box in the box of moon cakes cost, packing box accounted for about 40%, due to the price of moon cake packaging is expected to rise by 20%, lead to the cost of the entire moon cake gift box is expected to rise 10%, but the price of moon cake gift box there are other factors. As a professional gift box packaging custom manufacturer, although the prices of paper products for our procurement of raw materials has a direct impact, but we never shoddy. Our price may be higher than the same period last year, but we still insist on more than 20 years changeless beginner's mind, make the briefing packaging products.
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