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This special refrigerator not is a thermal insulation bag - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
This special refrigerator is a thermal insulation bag as a professional bag factory, packaging is always stride on the way of innovation, and always hope that one day will be able to create a unique good packaging, this is not, in the way of innovation, small make up to see a so-called special refrigerators caught my eye, but seriously, this also is a thermal insulation bag! What is a heat preservation bags? Is generally have the aluminum foil paper material within the package, can hold things inside temperature of a bag, and see the fridge use today is such a principle! Special refrigerator that's designer Guillaume Landin the designed a special refrigerator - — Frigid Air, its storage space is equivalent to a big bag of soft white, light blue inner use waterproof fabric, with Velcro tape and insulating materials of the outer is linked together, can be removed at any time, easy to clean. Insulation layer to see such a layer of thermal insulation layer, and everyone is to understand the principle of the! Yes, this is a huge heat preservation bags, suddenly don't feel strange. But, you have to admit, such a huge heat preservation bags is very appropriate to act as a refrigerator, and it largely solved the rent gens every time there are all sorts of home appliance to move the trouble of moving, let the life become simple and easy. Thermal insulation bag is used as a food packaging has been familiar, the use, but before that, no one thought of the methods in the refrigerator, stylist USES his keen sense of smell perceive this, also successfully created such a product, have to say, Perfect!
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