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This product, packaging and good-looking, you dare to try? . . . packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
This product, packaging and good-looking, don't you dare try? Today packaging gives you a special food, the food packaging is not bad, the overall design is great, but, if you listened to the product name, you dare to try? Chocolate packaging that is today's leading role - — More good: chocolate, perhaps say whole cannabis chocolate. Yes, in Oakland, California chocolate company Defonce Chocolatier product, looks and ordinary chocolate makes no difference, packing also look better. But they will mark in packing THC levels, and each chocolate bar a total of 18 blocks, each containing 10 mg of THC. Chocolate is a lot of people love this a kind of snacks, but if the chocolate with marijuana, do you dare to try? But you don't need to worry about is that the THC content is very low, not let eaters eat high, and for the occurrence of this kind of product, maybe just want to give consumers some functional, interesting, exciting 'slight'. So, for you, under the beautiful box of chocolate, you dare not dare to try? For packaging, if you want to do the food packing box for such products, we may still need to refer to national standards, will continue!
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