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This package - cook pasta do clothes packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
The cook pasta do clothes on the package do you seen the petals on the Internet as a character's clothing pictures, painted by similar ideas appeared in Pietro Gala pasta packages, they just make spaghetti into a cartoon chef's clothes on the packaging. Pietro Gala pasta as a new rising pasta brand Pietro Gala depending on it is pure manual processing methods and the high quality material, ingredients and is loved by people. Design agency Fresh chicken according to the characteristics of the brand characteristic and different varieties of product packaging design, vivid and humorous hand-drawn characters and cardboard material choice good highlight the 'manual' and 'natural' two key words, and Pietro Gala brand image is very apt, bring out the best in each other. Pietro Gala pasta unity and different packaging design represents a Pietro Gala four kinds of different products, such as radiatori pasta to eat with a spoon, conchiglie shell noodles with red wine is very appropriate. Cook's image on the package is the same, but different expressions. Cooks clothes partially transparent design so that consumers can distinguish one type of pasta. Human nature and fun to the design of the product, packaging as a professional custom package to provide custom service for the customer.
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