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This is how a high-end mooncake packaging box came out?

by:Well Packing & Printing     2021-03-31
This is how a high-end mooncake packaging box came out? Today, Tuesday and Friday, our boss took an order for a moon cake packaging box. The material requirements of this moon cake packaging box are very high and the delivery time is relatively short, so our boss will do it. Promise the customer to make it at the time he wants The model, the material and craftsmanship selected by the company on Friday, agreed to see the model on Tuesday, and the model was typed out for him to confirm this Tuesday afternoon. I believe everyone wants to know what kind of high-end mooncake packaging is at this time. Box, let’s briefly introduce to you how this high-end and urgent moon cake packaging box is customized. It is already closed to receive orders for moon cake packaging boxes. Today is the 12th, and the Mid-Autumn Festival will be on August 15 in half a month. Normally this time is the most prosperous time to sell moon cakes. If there are customers who want to do it, please If you can’t give it for a while, and secondly, it’s a good time to sell mooncakes. It must be that many people are unwilling to take a risk, let alone make an excellent mooncake packaging box? The customer Youcai is the boss of the company, and he personally went to battle with our boss. He chose the best paper Kandeli magic card, color printing hot champagne gold mounted 1500G double gray board, and the inside of the box mounted white special Paper, the inner strip of the box is printed with special paper magic card, a special gold mounted 1300G double gray board, the inner support of the box is made of a white special pit paper beer model and a special color printed butter paper is placed on the top of the box. When the finished box is made, A Chinese red elastic band with a width of 8MM and 30MM is tied on the outside. This elastic band is cross-tied to make the box more mysterious. This moon cake packaging box is perfect today, which is September 12th. The model is perfect. The overall feeling is that The high-end makes me want to buy at a glance. There are also handbags that are made very luxurious. They are printed in white kraft paper with color printing, hot champagne gold, and large seal hot red gold. The overall tote bag is horizontal version, in Chinese red The overall combination of wide cotton rope is particularly high-end. This is the most luxurious mooncake packaging box this year. I personally prefer to keep a few of them if they are made. To be honest, the time for this packaging box is also very tight. What I can't think of is that the 3,000 sets of boxes will be delivered by next Monday, that is, we only have less than a week to drive out all these high-end moon cake packaging boxes. . This high-end mooncake packaging box is made in this way. If the customer is not sure, you must come to the site to see the actual sample paper and craftsmanship. Then you will have a bottom after choosing it, or you will only talk about it on the computer. It is also useless. It is recommended that customers who need it in the future can contact us directly.
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